We have the section to answer some commonly asked questions and hopefully to ease some of your concerns right off the bat. 🙂

Does BMBB have vocals?

We do have vocals on about 25% of our performance. While a majority of the music is instrumental, one member of the band is a particularly great singer. He sings a few songs per set. The band also sings as a group (gang vocals!) on a few songs.

Will my party guests (who have never been to New Orleans) like a mainly instrumental group with no guitars or keyboards?

This is a common concern of potential clients that are fans of N.O. music and culture, but they are worried their friends and family (who have never experienced a Jazz Fest or a secondline parade) won’t “get” the band and have fun or dance. While we can not guarantee that every last guest will have the time of their lives, there is a universal appeal that this band has with folks (young and old, rich and poor, hip and square). Time after time, some of our biggest fans after a performance have been the skeptical parents of the bride…Before the wedding they thought, “Why are we paying all of this money for a marching band at your wedding?!?!” At the end of the 1st set, we often hear, “I never knew a band could be so much fun! My friends are saying this is the best wedding reception they have ever attended! Thank you!”

Does BMBB need electrical power or a PA system?

The band can perform totally “unplugged” (without power) and be totally mobile. That is one of the things that sets BMBB. However if BMBB is going to be the “main attraction” (such as a wedding reception where folks are dancing to the band), we suggest that the band perform through a PA system. This provides a fuller sound that folks are accustomed to dancing to these days. This also helps with vocal tunes or any toasts/announcements. We can provide a PA and a person to run the system for an additional cost.

Do you take requests?

If you give us ample lead time, we are willing to work up almost any request. Depending on the difficulty (resulting in extra prep and rehearsal) there could be an additional charge. Sometimes the band can whip up an instant, off-the-cuff version of a request based on all of the years of combined musical knowledge within the band. However, BMBB is does not have a book of 100’s of hits from the last 60 years like a standard Top 40 band.

How does the instrumentation change with the size of the band?

Our standard brass band size is 7 members (bass drum, snare drum, sousaphone, trumpet, trombone, (2) saxes). If we go down to a 6 piece, we remove one sax player. If we go larger, then we add extra horns and percussion.

We can occasionally go smaller than 6 piece but that is for more of a dixieland vibe where we do a 4 piece with banjo, tuba, trumpet and clarinet.