Here’s what others are saying:

Our guests might not remember the cake, the flowers, the ceremony, or who the groom was…but, they will never forget the band! Thank you for making our wedding the most incredible time of our lives!

– Mike & Natalie

You are a remarkable group of musicians…the music you shared with us was magic and will stay in my heart forever. All the best to you!

– Barbara (mother of the bride)

Brass Monkey played our wedding including the most jubilant + danceable recessional of all time. They followed it up by blowing the roof off at the reception (good thing it was outside). Our guests couldn’t stay off the dance floor: even the staid midwesterners were out there boogieing: five-year olds, eighty-five-year olds, and everyone in-between.

Lots of people came up to us after and said it was the best and most fun music they’d ever heard at a reception.

– Sam & Rebecca

If there was one thing everyone raved about our wedding it was the Brass Monkey Brass Band, which was a lot more than a wedding band. Brass Monkey is not just great music, but they have a real understanding of how to make an event special and fun…

Brass Monkey Brass Band was the perfect choice!

– Ben & Suzanne

Well, we came home to voice messages, notes and e-mails all commenting on the wedding and what a great time it was, and the band was mentioned in every one.

I have to say you all were a pleasure to work with and even better to hear. Your three hours in the event was one thing that my wife and I never did worry about. After our first conversation, I told her that I figured you guys knew what you were doing and I was right.

Barb and I have planned a lot of church and charity events over the years and when planning, we always asked, “how would Walt Disney have done it” because Disneyland (until he died) was the best party ever. I know Walt would have loved the band. That’s the highest complement I can give you.

– Loren (father of the bride)

Let me just tell you…you rock! You were a delight to work with and you made our wedding truly memorable. People are still talking…you can add all 200 wedding guests to your fan club!

– Heather (bride)

Brass Monkey was the perfect band to play at our wedding and we are very grateful to them. Their music appeals to both the younger age group who love to dance as well as the older guests who can dance at their own pace or just enjoy the timeless music that everyone loves.

After months of researching every band we could find, we came to the conclusion that they were simply the best!

Along with being incredible musicians, they are also extremely professional. This helped to calm our nerves and allowed us to deal with other wedding day issues. Thanks to them for a truly wonderful musical wedding experience.

– Tom (Groom)

The BMBB was wonderful. Their music appealed to all the guests, from young to old. It’s infectiously cheerful and rhythmic, and inspired everyone to get up and dance. I’ve been to three weddings recently and none of them had a band that created so much movement and so many happy faces. I recommend them without hesitation. I’ve already done so to my own friends.

– Charles (father of the bride)

I’m an Armenian American New Orleans girl who married an Armenian American from Los Angeles, in Los Angeles. My fiancé and I wanted a traditional Armenian wedding, but being from a party loving city, I knew I needed to add some New Orleans flavor into the mix.
I measure success by how badly my feet hurt at the end of the night – whether at a party, wedding, etc. And believe me when I say, my feet hurt so badly at the end of the night. I actually broke my foot dancing at the end of the reception!
I found Brass Monkey Brass Band online and instantly fell in love with the energy they bring to every performance.
While the bridal party took photos in church, the solo saxophone player set the mood for guests as they left church and entered the courtyard and cocktail hour. The sax player really impressed guests, but what really kicked off the festivities was when the rest of the band second lined the bridal party out of church and into the cocktail hour.
With our umbrella and handkerchiefs in hand, the crowd joined us as we danced to several New Orleans favorites. Our guests and wedding vendors are still talking about the energy and outstanding performance the band delivered. They literally brought guests to the floor – dancing, singing and chanting Who Dat! (the infamous support chant for the New Orleans Saints).
The band truly set the energy level high for the rest of the evening – guests are still talking about the band. There is nothing left to say, but “hire them.” Trust me!!

– Mrs. Tamar Gregorian

Louise and I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciated everything you did for our Boonville wedding. We enjoyed meeting you, and are we are looking forward to seeing ya’ll play again soon. Thank you for being so great to work with, and I can’t tell you how awesome it was to hear the beach music request. Seriously. My family was so happy. Our dads were happy, too. We, of course, were overjoyed.

– Liz (bride)

Thank you so much for providing the great music and energy on our wedding day. Words really can’t express our gratitude.

Brass Monkey really helped make it a day we will never forget!

– Mike & Belma

We worked with the guys to create music to go with the ceremony as well as the party afterward, and they worked very hard to make that ceremonial stuff really special for us. And during their two sets at the reception they added surprising, individual touches and nuances that were just for us, making it even more personal and memorable.

I can not reccommend these guys highly enough. If you want a band that will appeal to everyone at your wedding, young and old, and who will work their asses off to make your event as special as possible, then look no further.

– Pete & Carrie

People are still talking about Brass Monkey –especially the way you guys marched in out of nowhere to get the party going! The horah never sounded better and we’ve probably heard “kick a*# band” at least a dozen times since. We were dancing non-stop! Can’t imagine a better way to end the night than Ed serenading us acoustic-style. All of our friends are having wedding band-envy! Thank you for making the party, and our wedding so memorable. We’ll see you at your next show!

– Rachel & Josh

A belated note to let you know that the Brass Monkey Band was a complete hit at out daughter’s wedding. We can’t thank you enough for your wonderful sound, energy and enthusiasm you shared with all of us. I don’t think there was a non-dancer in the entire party! Your music is infectious!

Since I had heard you play a couple of years ago, at another wedding, I knew you would be great, but I was even more thrilled to hear you play for us!

Thank you for your cooperation, warmth and spirit of celebration and fun.

– Liz (mother of the bride)

Only one word —— FABULOUS!!!! Everyone is raving about the wedding and “that band!” I agree that guest were fun and appreciative that there was not your typical wedding band or DJ playing.

Thanks again for everything.

– Dwyne – father of the bride (and professional event planner)

The wedding was unbelievable. We had a few changes in plans due to the weather and everyone was extremely accomodating. Brass Monkey made the entire reception. We danced liked crazy and our guests are still telling us that we had the “best band ever!” We are so happy with everything. By the end of the evening all I can remember (after many glasses of wine) is dancing in the front of the stage, waving my arms and slurring “i love you guys”. I had more fun at my own wedding than I have at most concerts (even in the dreadlock college days!).

Ed was so wonderful and really helped us out with all of the changes. I didn’t have to worry about a thing. And he was an excellent MC, lacking any sort of cheesy banter. Totally authentic and perfect…

Thank you for helping us pull off a wedding that may go down in history as being one of the best parties our guests will have seen. We’ve already referrred people to the Brass Monky website because they were asking where to download the band’s music! Please thank everyone for us. We could not have asked for more.

– Michelle (bride)

The band was great, I can’t tell you how many people have told us that the band was the best they had ever seen at a wedding. I had multiple people come up to me on the dance floor and ask how we found out about you guys. I had so much fun I never even made it off the dance floor. If it wasn’t for the set break I doubt I would have sat down all night.

Thanks again for offering the PA system. Looking back I think it would have added too much stress to the evening to worry about that on our own.

– Sarah (bride)